Las Salinas del Carmen

2 km south of the Atlantico Center in Caleta de Fuste is the small coastal settlement of Las Salinas del Carmen.

There is a small, protected sandy beach there, a few houses and the Los Caracolitos Restaurant, and the Salt Museum.

There is a bus stop between the Salt Museum and the beach, where the Number 3 bus picks up and drops off – generally every 30 minutes.  If you are walking then you can either go along the rough track alongside the beach, or along the paved path near the main road. There is also a cycle track alongside the main road.

The salt museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and explains how salt was important to the island in the past. In front of the museum are the salt pans – areas where sea water evaporates to leave the salt deposits. A restaurant – Las Salinas – is open during the day.

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