Caleta de Fuste Carnival


The Antigua/Caleta de Fuste is usually celebrated in February.


8-11 Feb 2024 – Carnival weekend in Caleta de Fuste – The theme is Far Far Away …. A Kingdom Of Fantasy.

The programme of events for 2024:

– 6:30 PM: Sambukka Drum Performance
– 7:00 PM: Grand Opening featuring Savia Nueva, Cachivaches Carnival Troupe, Datana Ballet Stylo, and Zulymar Parade
– 8:30 PM: Carnival Night Party with “Grupo N’klave” and “Grupo Kandela” from Fuerteventura.
– 6:00 PM: Carnival Parade Gathering on Franchy Roca Street
– 7:00 PM: Spectacular Carnival Parade ending at the Fairground (Frasquita Parking)
– 9:00 PM: Carnival Grand Party with DJ Cat José Azurmendi, Nuevo Klan, Bomba Group, and their Orchestra from Fuerteventura.
📅 SUNDAY, 11
– 5:00 PM: Children’s Carnival in the Frasquita Parking Square, featuring a mini-disco with DJ Clandestina.
– 7:00 PM: Sambukka Drum Performance and the traditional Sardine Burial starting from Frasquita Parking.

The previous weekend the Carnival will be in Antigua with the same theme. 5th February will be a public holiday in the Municipality of Antigua for Carnival.





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