Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Caleta de Fuste

There are around 50 restaurants in the resort, catering for all international tastes. Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Italian, English, Irish, Scottish, Portuguese and other restaurants can be found.

There are also around 40 bars/cafes which are open from breakfast until late, and most of them serve food. Prices are very reasonable, and you can get an English breakfast for 2.95 euros at one cafe!

The only MacDonalds on the island is on the main road opposite the Atlantico Shopping Centre.

The majority of the restaurants, bars and cafes are open all day. They are all open throughout the year, with just a few closing for annual holidays at different times of the year. All get good, very good and excellent reviews on TripAdvisor which highlights the high standard that there is in Caleta de Fuste

Some bars have Happy Hours, usually in the late afternoon and evening.

There are photos of most of the restaurants, bars and cafes in the Photo Gallery.

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