Promenade Widening Project in Caleta de Fuste


The Costas Department had a meeting today with the Ayuntamiento of Antigua to inform them that the plan is to increase the width of the promenade around the beach.

The project involves the widening of the promenade from 6 metres to 10 metres and incoroporate a 2 metre wide cyclepath and a 2 metre wide landscaped area to incorporate lighting and street furniture.

The details have been published on 4 Oct 2019 in the Canarian Government’s official site (BOE). It’s now at the consultation stage. Details here:


This project might not happen!

The Canarian Government have told the Spanish Costas Department that the proposed widening scheme cannot take 4 metres of public space, (which I presume is the beach). and so it has to be revised.

There’s all that space at the back of the beach that isn’t used!  Crazy!…-HY8562283

A translation:

As “a jug of cold water” describes Taishet Fuentes, Councilor for Beaches of the City of Antigua, the delay suffered by the project to expand the promenade of El Castillo. The Canary Islands Government has issued a report against the work for invading the land maritime public domain by four meters, so Costas must now modify the project that increases the width of the current avenue to win in the promenade area and create a bike lane

Although the project to expand the promenade of El Castillo, following the current route between the Los Geranios hotel and the sports pier, was developed by Costas, it was the Government of the Canary Islands that detected that it violated the Coastal Law when it entered the public domain maritime land in the four meters where the width of the walk increases. The only alternative is to grow into the gardens of the Barceló chain, Councilman Taishet Fuentes confirms.

The modification of this extension of the promenade of El Castillo, the tourist town of the municipality of Antigua, centered the meeting held at the General Directorate of Coasts in Madrid by a municipal delegation headed by Mayor Matías Peña and the Town Planning, Tourism and Councilors Beaches on the deputy director general for the Protection of the Coast, Ángel Muñoz. Senator Paloma Hernández mediated this meeting and has also been responsible for tracking this stumbling block in the processing of the project.

The first mayor confirmed that Costas “assumes he has made mistakes in the execution of the El Castillo beach project, announcing the tender this year of a plan or study that includes the necessary corrective actions.” Matías Peña added that he considers “regrettable that the improvement of the promenade should also be postponed before an execution project that contains inaccuracies.”

On the mistakes of another project, the recovery of the sand of the beach of El Castillo, Costas gave faith of them, but made it clear that there is no budget to rectify them and leave the beach free of mud and stones. “They said yes, that the regeneration project did not get good results, but that we had to wait for the approval of the 2020 budgets because it was still working with the 2019 ones.” Senator Paloma Hernández will also endorse this issue.

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