Fuerteventura Population Figures

The population registered on Fuerteventura increased by 2,976 inhabitants in the last twelve months, reaching a total of 113,275 in the six municipalities of Fuerteventura, representing a percentage increase of 2.7%. This is shown in the latest official data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Pájara is the municipality of that experienced the greatest growth, with 716 inhabitants more than a year ago, going from 19,823 to 20,539.

In second place is the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, with 671 more inhabitants, going from 38,711 to 39,382.

In third place is the municipality of Antigua, which increased its population by 543 new registered citizens, going from 11,405 to 11,948.

In fourth place is La Oliva, where there are 535 registered citizens, from 25,349 to 25,884.

In fifth place of population growth is Tuineje, with 490 more inhabitants in twelve months, from 14,301 to 14,791.

In last place is located the municipality of Betancuria, which grew by  21 inhabitants, going from 710 to 731.

In percentage terms, Antigua has grown 4.5%; Pájara, 3.4%; Tuineje, 3.3%; Betancuria, 2.8%; La Oliva, 2.6%; and Puerto del Rosario, just 1.7%.

Analyzing the data of  INE for the last decade for Fuerteventura, from 2008 to 2018, it is observed that the population has grown every year, except on January 1, 2014, when there was a sharp decrease of 2,244  people, (2.2% less). All of the other start of the years have shown increases, the largest of them in 2008, with 6,543 more inhabitants (+ 6.9%); 2018, with 2,976 more inhabitants (+ 2.7%), and 2017, with 2,778 more inhabitants (+ 2.58%). In the years of the crisis there were smaller increases – in 2010, 325 more inhabitants (+ 0.32%), and 2011, with 580 more (+ 0.56%).

Unemployment rise

Population growth could be indicative that, despite the improvement in the economic situation experienced in recent years, unemployment data on the island remains high. In fact, last year 2018 unemployment increased on the island by 114 people to stand at 8,691, which represents a rise of 1.3%.

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