Catching The Local Buses in Caleta de Fuste

The Fuerteventura bus service is operated by Tiadhe.

The link for the Number 3 bus timetable, which links Caleta de Fuste with the bus station in Puerto del Rosario, is –

The buses on this route operate every 15 minutes between 10am and 6pm on Monday – Friday. At other times the buses run every half an hour.

The bus fare is 1.45€ from Caleta to Puerto del Rosario for a single fare.  There are no return fares.  The fare to the airport is 1.40€.

The link for the Number 10 bus timetable, which links Caleta de Fuste with Morro Jable in the south and the Puerto del Rosario bus station, is –

The link for the Number 16 bus timetable, which links Caleta de Fuste with Gran Tarajal to the south and the Puerto del Rosario bus station, is –


The BTF Bono is a discount card that allows you to pay, conveniently and easily, for your travels with TIADHE in Fuerteventura and has a 5% discount on the official rate. The Island Council (Cabildo) provides this discount as a measure of promoting public transport.

The BTF Bono is bought directly from the bus driver and is combined with the first charge to be made on it.

The BTF Bono price is 2 € for the credit card size plastic card, and the the minimum top up is 10 € and the maximum is 50 €, in amounts of 5 €.

The BTF Bono, except physical deterioration of the card, can be recharged without limit and becomes the property of the purchaser, being the responsible of the maintenance on acceptable terms of use. The card is interchangeable between a family/group, so is very flexible for users.

When you get on a bus then you put the card on the reader in front of the driver and state your destination and the number of passengers.  The 5% discounted fare is then debited from the card.

For any questions about the operation of Bono BTF, please contact our staff or call to our TIADHE information telephone number 928 855 726.

Direct Payment
It’s the system where the customer pays cash price of the service to be used and the driver gives proof of payment to be kept until the end of the journey.

There are two types of pay rates, a minimum charge and one in which the excess over that minimum charge rate, is calculated on the basis of kilometers to perform.

Remember that the amount of money used to pay may not exceed five times the amount of the fee to be paid and that for safety reasons our staff will not accept banknotes over € 50.

Fares are approved annually by the Island Council of Fuerteventura.

The price for a single trip from Caleta de Fuste to Puerto del Rosario is 1.45€, and 1.40€ to the airport. Return tickets are not available.

When travelling on the bus with suitcases, large bags and pushchairs, it is necessary to put them in the hold under the bus.

There are only two bus stops in Caleta de Fuste – one is the bus station on the northern edge of the resort, alongside the main road, the FV-2, near the Castle roundabout. The other is on the main road at the Atlantico Commercial Centre, near MacDonalds and the entrance to Fuerteventura Golf Club. The bus goes from Caleta to Costa de Antigua(not the buses at 15 and 45 past the hour), to El Matorral, the airport, Playa Blanca, the hospital, the Las Rotondas Shopping Center and then to the bus station. The journey time is 20-25 minutes.

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