Canary Island’s Day (Dia de Canarias) – 30 May

May 30 is recognized as the Day of the Canary Islands . This is a holiday in all the Canary Islands .

On this day, the anniversary of the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands based in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife , that was held on 30 May 1983 , is celebrated.

The biggest celebration takes place on the evening of 29 May in Puerto del Rosario, the capital. Around 10,000 people attend the Baile de Taifas – a traditional Canarian dance. Everyone dresses in traditional Canarian clothes and enjoy the traditional Canarian music, while eating and drinking from 10pm until 5am! Other major towns on the island have their own Baile de Taifas and other events over the days leading up to Canarian Day.

Schools celebrate the event by having special lessons in school during the previous week, with the emphasis on Canarian traditions and crafts. On May 29 they have a celebration in school with children dressed up in Canarian costumes.

A celebration is held in Caleta de Fuste in the Plaza, with Canarian music and singing groups, traditional Canarian wrestling and tasting of local products.  This is usually held on the Friday evening, either before or after the 30th May.

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