Caleta de Fuste Beaches – Central & La Guirra

There are two beach areas in Caleta de Fuste – the central beach in the resort centre, and the La Guirra beach to the south in front of the Sheraton, Carlota and Sara Hotels.

Central Beach

The central beach in Caleta de Fuste is man-made and gently slopes into the sea. The sea is never rough as the beach is protected by the harbour.

The sea is safe for children to paddle or swim in the shallows, but you have to take care with the prevailing north-easterly winds which can easily blow lilos, inflatable dinghies, swim rings and balls out to sea very quickly. There is a lifeguard on duty every day.

There are several hundred sunbeds/parasols on the beach which are provided by the local council, and for which a daily charge is made (10.50€ for 2 sunbeds and a parasol).

There are also goalposts and volleyball nets for beach games, and there is plenty of space for organised games. During the summer season, beach games and bouncy castles are usually held at the back of the beach on one day of the week. There is a children’s playground and beach gym at the back of the beach.

There are wooden boardwalks on the beach to allow easier access for wheelchairs to reach the sea, wooden solariums and a bathing chair for people with reduced mobility.

There are toilets at the back of the main beach (the green blocks near the Barcelo Hotel and the cafe on the beach). (They are currently closed)

On 6 days a week (Mon – Sat) there are 2 camels at the southern edge of the resort near the Geranios Hotel, which provide rides towards the Sheraton hotel and return for 10€ each.

It is possible to walk around the perimeter of the beach from the marina to the Atlantico Center, along a pedestrian walkway.

A beach renovation scheme was started in early 2016 and was forecast to take 10 months to complete. The plan involved excavation of rocks; replenishment of the sand; the creation of pedestrian walkways across the sand; the provision of showers and public toilets; improved beach access to cater for disabled visitors; and the extension of the beach southwards, in front of the Geranios Suites Hotel (which was opened in Dec 16) The work went behind schedule and was finished at the end of March 2017. Further work is planned to improve the beach facilities following the regeneration.

A promenade, over the rough ground between the Geranios Suites Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel, now gives a continuous walk from Costa de Antigua (2 km north of Caleta) into Caleta and then along to the Atlantico Center.

La Guirra Beach

In front of the Sheraton, Carlota and Sara Hotels, and the Atlantico Center is La Guirra beach. This is a man-made lagoon style beach with golden sand. The sea for swimming there is ideal as the water is deep enough, yet is protected from waves by rock barriers out at sea.

Sunbeds and parasols are available for hire, as are pedalos. Sunbeds are 3.50€ each, and a parasol is 3.50€. Balinese beds are also available at 15€.

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