Caleta Beach – Possible Improvements?

The Mayor and councillors from the Ayuntamiento of Antigua have met with the Spanish Costa Department in Madrid. Costas have agreed that errors were made in the beach regeneration scheme in Caleta de Fuste, and that they will undertake corrective measures. This will mean that the plan to widen the promenade path will be put on hold..  The…jsiuTjcch4

Translation:  Costas will correct the deficiencies of the El Castillo Beach Regeneration Project
Mayor and councilors hold a meeting with the Directorate of Coasts in Madrid requesting the necessary improvement of El Castillo Beach. According to the press release sent by the local institution, “Costas assumes that there were errors in the execution of the Regeneration Project of El Castillo Beach and announces the tender this year of an action plan that corrects its current state.”
This Wednesday afternoon, the Mayor of Antigua, Matías Peña García, together with the Councilor for Tourism, @deborahcarol Edgington, the Councilor for Urban Planning, Manuel Hernández and the Councilor for Playas, Taishet Fuentes, met with the Deputy Director General for the Protection of the Coast, Angel Muñoz, in order to assess the state of El Castillo Beach.
The meeting with the Directorate of Coasts has been promoted by the Senator of Fuerteventura, Paloma Hernández, at the request of the City Councils of Pájara and Antigua, with their representatives present therein.
We thank the Senator for coordinating this meeting in which we have moved the necessary and urgent corrective intervention on a poorly executed project to regenerate El Castillo beach, says the mayor of Antigua, Matías Peña.
Costas assumes having made mistakes in the execution of the El Castillo Beach project, announcing the tender this year of a plan or study that includes the necessary corrective actions. We value this announcement positively, but this will not be the only meeting we have with the Coastal Directorate evaluating each step and transferring the urgency of the intervention, says Matías Peña.
In the same sense, we consider it regrettable that the improvement of the Paseo Marítimo must also be postponed before an execution project that contains inaccuracies, as the Government of the Canary Islands reflected in a negative report to the Directorate of Coasts in Madrid for its necessary correction.
From the City Council of Antigua we demand and demand seriousness, speed and efficiency, and concludes Mayor Matías Peña, it is not acceptable that we still do not have a Beach and a Promenade in conditions in El Castillo, and that when they finally act with serious inaccuracies

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